Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Garden Update

I haven't really posted much about my garden this year, but I have attempted some container gardening in pots (our garden soil is not the best).

Here are my plants:

My pea plant was really struggling until I gave it something to climb.   Now if it would just bloom...

I've got a few tomatoes.

The one thing I've been able to harvest already has been a handful of okra.

I've even got a mystery plant growing strong in the compost pile.   I'm thinking its a cantaloupe.

I am having some issues with critters.   I had intended to kill this one that was munching away on my basil, but when you have a two year old yelling "No!  God made that!" it's kinda hard to follow through with it.

It was looking on the fat side, so we thought it might be about ready to begin its transformation, so we've got him in a bottle with some food and airholes and a stick to climb.   If he starts looking ill, I'll release him.   Don't worry, I was sure to ask my daughter what he needed, since they grew caterpillars and released butterflies in Kindergarten this past year.  ;)


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