Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Menu Plan 6/11

I'm a little late posting this week's menu plan, and I pretty much gave up trying to match the foods to the letters we are learning (which I'm not really sure how that's going over anyway--the little one doesn't really seem interested at all, and the big one spends half the day telling me what we can do when we get to ___ day...)

Yesterday (Monday), I cooked up 10lbs of chicken split breast--I thought they were boneless but when I thawed them, they were not, so my plans became a little more messy and complicated.  I boiled half and deboned it last night, and put the rest in the crock pot with BBQ sauce and let it simmer all night, then I deboned it today.

Monday:   "Clean Out The Fridge" Stir Fry. --posted about this on fb last night.
Tuesday:  Was BBQ chicken, but as I now have shredded BBQ chicken, I'm actually preparing a box of Suddenly Salad from the pantry to toss some into.
Wednesday:  Gumbo from the freezer  (this may change because I have lots of cooked chicken to use up!)
Thursday:  Pepper steak  (I'm actually going to cook the beef shank I just bought for $1.49/lb at El Rancho and use that for the meat in this)
Friday:  Soup from the freezer  (I have a few types to choose from)
Saturday:  Chicken Pot Pies   (will use some of the shredded non-BBQ chicken in these)
Sunday:  Leftovers

After I deboned the BBQ chicken today, I washed out my crockpot, and I now have some pears that were getting soft simmering down into pear butter  (using the apple recipe, but less sugar since pears are sweeter).   No one else around here will touch the stuff, I have no clue why, but I love it slathered on buttered toast.  It's a favorite midnight snack of mine. ;)

I also have plans of making more banana bread and carrot muffins this week because I'm out or nearly out of both of those in the freezer.


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