Sunday, August 19, 2012

Menu Plan 8/20

This afternoon, my husband, oldest daughter, and myself worked together and put 9 meals into the freezer in roughly half an hour, and had the kitchen fully cleaned up within 20 minutes.  I was very proud of us!

I don't have any pictures, but while I was cooking up 5 meals worth of ground beef (froze these in little baggies ready to thaw and dump into any dish), they were shaping 2 meals of meatballs and 2 meals of mini meatloaf muffins.

We actually had some leftovers in the fridge that needed to be used up so we put it all into the freezer and didn't even eat any of it tonight.

I noticed that I have a couple of those Velveeta Cheesy Skillet meals in my pantry that were slightly out of date (we just don't normally eat this type of thing, but I got them for $0.25 after coupon, so I picked a few up).  I'm going to use some of that cooked beef and make those this week just to use them up.

I also just took inventory of my freezer tonight, and found 31 meals in there!  That's good for me with school starting in a week, because that means that I can focus on cooking and freezing some breakfasts and lunches this week.

Here's what we plan on having:

Monday:  Cheeseburger Macaroni (skillet meal)

Tuesday:  Baked Pork Chops (from freezer) and Mashed Potatoes (making a big batch of these to freeze)

Wednesday:  Soup  (we have a ton of soup in the freezer, so I'll just pick what kind we feel like that day)

Thursday:  Nacho Supreme (skillet meal)

Friday:  Fried Catfish  (have been planning on having the last of these all summer and haven't gotten to it, and they are getting pretty old so now is the time!)

Saturday:  Pork Stew  (found 4 of these in the freezer!)

Sunday:  Red Beans and Rice   (last one of these in the freezer, but it is my daughter's absolute favorite, so it will make a good night before going back to school meal for her).


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