Monday, August 20, 2012

Shopping Trip 8/20: Kroger & Albertsons

This morning I went to two stores.   I had not been shopping with coupons in a LONG time, and I had both girls with me so I thought that it very well could end up being a bust, but we actually had a pretty calm and successful outing.

Our first stop was Kroger.  I had a few things on my list that I wanted to get at Kroger, and also I just really enjoy hitting Kroger in the mornings because you never know what sorts of markdowns you are going to find!

I got one set of mega sale items, several SunnyD (and used this coupon), and some markdown items.

Total Shelf Price:  At *least*  $66.19  (I don't actually know the original prices of all the marked down items)
Total Sale Price:   $38.42
Price Paid After Coupons:  $30.54    At *least* 54% Savings

Then we went to Albertsons, and I got all of this:

Total Shelf Price:  $57.44
Total Sale Price:   $25.75
Price Paid After Coupons:  $15.31   73% savings

So altogether today I spent $45.85 on over $125 worth of groceries.   That's an average savings of over 63%.


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