Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Kroger Trip 11/15: 53% Savings And Cheap Milk

This morning I decided that I would go to Kroger one more time before this Mega Sale ended.  I was mainly going to see if they had an unadvertised sale on Turkeys like I found last year.  I thought I would pick up a few more Mega Items while I was there, and when I got there I decided that I had already been out shopping two days in a row, so I really didn't feel like having to go to Aldi later in the week, so I decided to pick up the very few items that were on my list while I was here.

Here is what I picked up today:

 This is everything I got.  Altogether I spent $49.90, which I don't think is bad considering the TP, large bag of dog food, and 13 lb. turkey!  I'm not feeling like doing all the math myself today, so we're going to go with the 53% savings stated on my receipt.  I had gotten a few coupons from Kroger by mail, and some were for FREE items (cheese, butter, toothpaste, and frozen veggies), and others were for discounts on items (I had one for the dog food!)  Other things that I needed, I bought the Kroger store brand of, which was close enough to Aldi's price that it didn't warrant an extra trip there.  The only thing I didn't think to grab was bread, but my husband works two blocks from an Aldi, so I can have him pick some up.

I was very happy to also find milk marked down.  I found  a whole gallon marked down to $0.99 and two half gallons for $0.49 each.  Their expiration dates aren't even close either.  They are 10 and 11 days away!

I also found some quarts of chocolate milk marked down to just $0.30, so my girls will enjoy that (the little one already had some with lunch!).


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